To Truly Grasp The Concept And The Impact Behind P. A. I. D. Lets Proceed With A Simple Demonstration You Can Do At Home Right Now!

All You Will Need Is A Really Good Pair Of Headphones, One That Completely Covers Your Ears, And A Music Playing Device Such As An iPod, In Which You Can Play Music Thru The Head Phones!

So Lets Begin!

First - Place The Headphones On A Table In Front Of You So That Each Headphone Is Unobstructed And Facing You.

Second - Play Your Favorite Music Loud Enough So That It Can Be Easily Heard Thru The Headphones While Resting On The Table In Front Of You.

Can You Hear The Rhythm, The Vocals, The Instrumentation Relatively Clearly? If So... Great!

You Are Now HEARING The Sound!

Finally - Without Changing Anything Else, Place the Headphones Over Your Ears!

Hear The Difference!!!

The Only Thing That Has Changed Is The Listening Environment - In This Case The Positioning Of The Speakers! Same Headphones, Same Music, Same Volume, Only Now You Are Making More Efficient And Optimal Use Of Your Audio System - Able To Enjoy All The Nuances And Power That Your Music Has To Offer.

You Are Now EXPERIENCING The Sound!!!

In A Nutshell, This Is What We Do!