Simply put - P.A.I.D. is a comprehensive proprietary high-end audio system design criteria/process that is integrated into the early stages of the architectural design & build process.

Working closely with your design professionals (architects, interior designers), P.A.I.D.
takes into consideration, - beginning at the inception of the design process - architectural acoustics, psycho acoustics, electro acoustics, computer aided design technology including room model acoustic simulation & prediction, acoustic test & measurement, and most importantly, 25 years experience in professional audio. As a result of this comprehensive collaborative oriented approach, P.A.I.D. produces an exceptional high-end audio acoustical listening experience no matter what the application.

By incorporating P.A.I.D.
early in the architectural design & build process, one can avoid common, sometimes costly, mistakes made when audio/acoustic related objectives are addressed independent of the architectural design phase, and long after crucial decisions have been made that can profoundly affect the quality and performance of the listening environment. This is especially true with respect to critical listening environments, nightclubs, bars, and restaurants.

To sum it all up, the objective of P.A.I.D.
is not only to create an exceptional listening environment that produces a highly enhanced acoustical sense of depth, clarity, intimacy, and spaciousness - measurable acoustical attributes, what audiophiles refer to as the “soundstage” - its objective is also to create a synergistic relationship and bridge between the design professional’s objectives, and the client’s audio system/acoustic performance criteria.

Its A Marriage Of Science & Art!